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Naga Azshara arrest query: Both the catechism and correlation are impaired in this film, Blizzard was not experimenting area to abode Aphotic Portal, thats a written lie/false admonition by the John Staats man (no abstraction when he larboard this up one aback he forgot matters since he just wants absorption again), Black Aperture adaptation was acclimated as a placeholder for most abstract alcove portals, you had above placeholder Aphotic Aperture affair in Scholomance, Scarlet Monastery, Asleep Mines, Wailing Caverns etc etc.. The Aphotic Aperture placeholder in Azshara was prob intended to buy classic wow gold get a scrapped naga themed arrest or to get BFD alcove however for a few acumen Blizzard confused it to Ashenvale afore ablution (Many alcove and arrest designs were scrapped afore barrage and affected their ceremony in afterwards expansions like TBC/Wotlk).